May 22, 2024

Lawrence Bishnoi न्यूज चैनल ABP पर लाईव, सिद्धू मुसेवाला हत्याकांड व Salman Khan को धमकी पर क्या बोला Lawrence Live

पंजाब जेल Prison का ब्यान भी प्रेसनोट के माध्यम से आया सामने 24×7 लॉरेंस बिश्नोई कड़े सुरक्षा पहरे व नजर में , जांच पंजाब पुलिस ने की शुरू, की आखिर यह Interview लॉरेंस ने कहा व कैसे दिया , क्या रिमांड के दौरान जब उसे इधर उधर ले जाया जाता , क्या हॉस्पिटल में मेडिकल के लिए ले जाते वक्त या कहा जांच में जुटी पुलिस टीमें

Punjab prison department says: (concluding part is imp to read)

“It has come to notice that a private TV news channel has aired an interview of prisoner Lawrence Bishnoi purportedly from inside a Jail.

Rumors are making rounds that the interview was recorded from inside Bhatinda Jail.

This is to clarify that the rumors are baseless and that this video is not from either Bhatinda Jail where the prisoner is currently confined or from any other Jail in Punjab.

It is further clarified that this prisoner is at present confined in the High-Security Zone of Bathinda Jail where strict surveillance is kept over his activities 24×7.

*If anyone is caught spreading fake news maligning the image of the Punjab Prisons administration, action as per law shall be initiated.*”

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